Malena Roncayolo

Venezuelan filmmaker, with higher studies in arts and languages ​​in France and the United States. For 25 years in the audiovisual industry she has worked as a Screenwriter, Art Director, Director and Executive Producer of numerous feature films, documentaries, commercials, artistic, corporate and institutional videos.

David Chacon

David Chacon Perez is an award-winning creative professional with over 25, years of experience servicing the family of the entertainment business in television, themed events, theatre, live entertainment, and consumer products.

Juan Urgell

Juan Urgell is a Venezuelan-Mexican filmmaker with over 5 years of experience as scriptwriter, director, producer and editor of film projects. He discovered his filmmaking passion after finishing his Economics degree at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany.

Thaelman Urgelles

Filmmaker. Film and TV Director, Writer and Producer. For 40 years he has been one of the main players in the Venezuelan film industry. He has worked on almost all audiovisual functions: screenwriter, producer, editor, and director of films, documentaries, miniseries, TV shows, and commercials spots.

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